• What you need to know about apartments in the UAE 

  • \Many foreign investors have a question about the right choice of real estate in the Emirates. There are indeed a lot of options. But on which of them it is better to stop is a common problem. After all, you want to invest in the most profitable and profitable prospects of real estate.

    Objectively, one of the most popular options is apartments. You can search your luxury apartments and become the owner of a really excellent object. But what is it and what advantages does it offer? How does it differ from an ordinary apartment? Let's understand.


    What is the difference from a flat

    Why do many investors prefer to choose apartments rather than flats? It is important to understand that apartments are a commercial type of real estate. At the same time, they are equipped with all amenities and their own kitchen. The number of rooms differs depending on the cost and location. Basically it is from 1 to 5 rooms.

    The main difference from the flat is that it is impossible to register for residence in the apartments. The owner has the right to perpetual possession. But even under these conditions, housing refers not to residential real estate, but to commercial real estate. If you want to buy housing, live in it and register, then it is better to choose an apartment.


    What are duplexes

    If you have enough money to invest, experts advise you to choose a duplex apartment. This is a commercial residential object, which consists of two levels. To move between them there is a common internal staircase. Usually duplexes are located on the middle floors.

    Despite the fact that there are two levels, in terms of area, duplexes are inferior to penthouses. This is an elite class property and a great option for the whole family.


    The choice in favor of a duplex will be a good decision if the buyer is limited in money and is not able to buy a multi-room apartment or a large private house for a large family.


    Characteristics of a penthouse

    As in the case with a duplex, the penthouse also consists of two levels. These are two-story apartments or a premium duplex. Their location is the last floors of high-rise buildings. The main advantage is a huge area and a large number of spacious rooms. There is also a large and capacious balcony. Penthouse owners have a private exit to the terrace or roof. So you can be outdoors without leaving the confines of your apartments in the UAE.

    Apartments are a variety of commercial properties that share several key characteristics. In the UAE, such properties are of high interest among investors.